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About Priest Anil Kumar Sharma

Priest Anil Kumar Sharma is an independent priest residing in Phoenix, Arizona.

He Has complete knowledge of Hindu religious events and vedic rituals and provided extensive services throughout the state.

Apart from performing various poojas, His knowledge extends to Astrology and Vasthu Shastra.

Anil Sharma ji hails from Hyderabad, Telangana. He has acquired his knowledge in Krishna Yajurvedam at Sankara Matham from Brahma Sri Kaluvakolanu Ramakrishna Sharma Garu And further proceeded to learn sastram from Pt.Sri Chebiyaam Sreenivasa Sharma Garu.

He pursued Astrology and Vasthu Shastra courses at Indian Council of Astrological sciences and has been awarded”Jyotisha Praveena” and”Jyothisha Visharada” titles from the Institute in 2005 and 2006 .he has more than 15yrs of experience in Astrology and vasthu services.

Anil Sharma ji has 15 years of experience working at various temples in USA and India prior to working independently.

Sharma ji provides services in person and online throughout the USA; He is multilingual and can converse fluently in Telugu, Hindi, Sanskrit, and English.

His services include: Gruhapravesams, Homas, Vratas, Upanayams, weddings and lot more. Provides Astrology services such as Horoscope reading, Kundali matching, fixing Muhurthams, Remedy Services.

Vastu consultatons for Home purchases, Commercial Business and properties.

Our Mission and Goals

Sanathana Vaidika Dharma Peetham was established in the year 2020 by Sri Anil Kumar Sharma to provide the Hindu religious services in virtuous manner. The word “Santhana” means Eternal and the conventional practice of “Vaidika Dharma” is Santhanam.

Jnanavam manavaḥ proktah“, of the 84 Lakhs living beings in the creation, mankind alone has the capability of wisdom and rational discernment. The Vedas and rites mentioned therein are the means with which the discerning person acquires such knowledge and wisdom. “Sanskriyate cittam aneneti sanskaraḥ” Samskara purifies the mind and guide the person to move in the right direction with determination. Hence, the religious practices are fundamental to Hindu Sanathana dharma.

The purpose of Sanathana Vaidika Dharma Peetham (SVDP) is to establish and encourage the practice of performing Vaidika karmas such as:

  • Nithya Karma (Daily rituals) like Sandhyavandanam, Devatarchana
  • Naimittika Karma (Obligatory/Occasional rituals) such as Vivaham, Jatakarma, Namakaranam
  • Kamya Karma rituals like Rudrabhishekam, Grihapravesam
  • Shrouta karmas like Yagas example: Agnishtoma, Athiratra, Aptoryama

The main objective of our mission is to uphold such dharmas and perform rituals with Vedic procedures, teach aspirants and thus pass on to the future generations for sustainability of Hindu Samskrithi and Sampradayas

The main function of this organization is to perform various Vedic services traditionally such as wedding, housewarming ceremonies, examining horoscopes and Vasthu suggesting appropriate vedic remedies then guide the seekers the path to success!

Shivo Rakshathu