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Vedic Classes

Vedas are Apaurusheyas, means “Not of Human”. Vedas are divine melodies of cosmic sounds received by Rishis during meditation, hence referred as Shruthi. Vedas or Shastras describes the existence of the Universe, Celestial bodies, Geography, Evolution and Origin of life, Human life cycle and After Life aspects.

Initially the Vedam is one scripture, Vyasa Maharishi classified it In to three parts thus acquiring himself the name “Veda Vyasa”. The three parts are Rig Veda, Sama Veda and Yajurveda that are also reffered as “Veda Trayi” or “Three Vedas”. Due to decrease in human life span that requires to learn Vedas, a fourth part Atharvana Veda was created by Veda Vyasa. “Atharvana Veda” is a mix of scientific parts derived from Rig and Yajur Vedas that was added later to Vedic scriptures.

Veda describes Six Vedangas as six limbs of Veda Purusha the cosmic being.
1. Shiksha: Teaches Alphabets, phonetics, Instruction in reciting, correct pronunciation, accentuation of Vedic language.
2. Vyakarana: The rules of Grammar and formation of the word, linguistic analysis which is important to Vedic language Sanskrit.
3. Nirukta: Sanskrit dictionary that gives the explanation of words, their meanings and context.
4. Jyotisha: The study of geographical changes, study of suspicious and inauspicious times, which draws on the Vedic practice of using astrology and astronomy to guide rituals and timekeeping.
5. Kalpam: The focus is on Ritual instructions, especially intended for proper application of Vedic texts to major life events.
6. Chandas: It is the science of poetic metres. Chandas deals with the analysis of the types of meter used in the construction of various Vedic hymns. In Sanskrit, the word “Pada” is used as the metrical unit.

These six shastras, Shiksha as his nose, Vyakarana as his mouth, Nirukta as his ears, Jyotisha are his eyes, Kalpa are his two arms and Chandas are his two feet are flourishing as Veda Purushangams.

We are forever indebted to those rishis and sages who has given us vast treasures of knowledge and wisdom. We can only repay by atleast practicing these Vedas in our daily life!

वेदो नीय्तमघीयताम् ।।

Pancha Sukthas

Yajur Sandhya Vandanam

Nithya Puja Vidhanam