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Vaastu Classes

Vaastu shastras is an ancient science and one of the eminent features of our heritage. It is a science which outlines the methods, construction of houses and other structures. It used to be the main guide for construction activity both in urban and rural areas of India in the past. Violation of vaastu brings in very adverse results. 

For example vaastu doshas in southeast(SE) corner brings in miscarriages, gynecology problems, financial loses on medical grounds, skin diseases, abortions, litigations, misunderstandings, divorce and many more. Our ancient sages had therefore highly recommended constructing a house according to vaastu rules. Vaastu doshas are themselves capable enough in giving good or bad results.

“सुखं धनानि बुद्धिउच संतति स्सवॅदा नृणाम् ।
प्रियम्येषांच संसिद्धै् सवॅंस्यात्।।
यत्र निद्नित लक्षमात्र तदीतेषम् विधातकृत् ।
अथ सवॅं उपादेयं यद्भावे शुभ लक्षणम् ।। “

To attain health, wealth, children and many other advantages vaastu shastra helps to a great extent. Affliction of vaastu creates sorrows and disappointments so houses, villages, towns and cities should be built according to vaastu. Hence vaastu shastra was brought into light by sages for the betterment and over all welfare of society.

Basic Vasthu

Advanced Vasthu